And what about walking straight into the mystery, embracing that which frightens you the most and letting go?

Often, these words elicit strong feelings initiating a desire for personal change.

And how does walking straight into the mystery and letting go effect our capacity for experiencing peace?

These questions are at the core of Seeing With Heart.


the framework

Seeing With Heart is a personal journey for growing inner peace… that peace inside each of us which is longing to be expressed.

The journey is based upon growing a framework that metaphorically resembles post-and-beam construction rather than a solid stone wall. In this way, an infrastructure is assembled using the fewest number of pieces to stabilize our responses to life’s unfolding stream of experiences.

Seeing With Heart is also based upon having an openness to see with other than our ordinary eyes… allowing ourselves to experience that when we blink, it is possible to see an entirely different story.


the journey

The journey occurs over 12 hourly sessions and combines the medicine of both the spoken word and the written word.

This experience is available as a Journey Solo using downloadable materials for self work or as a Journey Accompanied to create your own personal oral record.