S W H e-book

Seeing With Heart Journey

Journey Accompanied with Mitch

  • Individual Session
    60 minutes
  • Three Session Package
  • Complete Journey
    12 Sessions
Includes eBook and digital recording of session(s)

Journey Solo - Self directed option

  • 12 digital recordings from an authentic, already completed journey
Inclues welcome letter, guidelines and eBook

Seeing With Heart: To Journey From Within eBook

  • Seeing With Heart: To Journey from Within



Seeing With Heart called to me with an undeniable voice. It was something familiar inside of me, although untapped. Not surprisingly, its appearance in my life came at a time of great personal change and brought me calm at the eye of the storm. Its simple, effective way of looking at the world allows me to remain balanced even when life is not unfolding as I might prefer. I have found it to be a powerful, adaptable tool to allow everyday living in grace and ease.
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