excerpts from eBook

walk straight into the mystery

Walk straight into the mystery in all of its majesty
and fully embrace that which frightens you the most.

Surrender. Let go.

Disregard the expectations of others
(the voices that attempt to bleed your soul)
by offering an unbounded outwardly flowing stream
of unconditional loving kindness.

In your heart, know that the universe always shows up perfectly,
reminding us that some of our most important nourishment
will come from that which tastes awful.

Openly embrace change, as it is not only inevitable—it is life;
providing us the opportunity to see beyond
the limited abilities of our ordinary eyes.

To see that for our spirits to be at peace, they must be at home.
Letting go is the way home, the way back into the stillness.
The place where the miracle is the ordinary not the exceptional.
The place of bliss.