A gentle shift...

A gentle shift.

That’s the simplest way to describe my experience through the Seeing With Heart journey. Life comes at me from many directions, often challenging. For a long time, it was a struggle to sort my feelings and find my path. Seeing With Heart is a way for me to know and love the authentic Mary. The Mary, who by shifting gently, accepts without judging, hears through the silence and loves the feeling of loving myself.

"To this point…" I didn’t trust myself enough to love myself. It seemed that to honor my needs was somehow selfish. Seeing With Heart taught me, in an incredibly short time, that peace and acceptance are not goals for which I yearn—I already have them! This small shift of spirit makes such a profound impact in my life… everyday.

The dis-ease is gone. It’s exciting to wake up and start the day with love and the confidence that this is Mary—and this is what you get.

Mary; Retired

"Seeing With Heart called to me with an undeniable voice…"

Seeing With Heart called to me with an undeniable voice. It was something familiar inside of me, although untapped. Not surprisingly, its appearance in my life came at a time of great personal change and brought me calm at the eye of the storm. Its simple, effective way of looking at the world allows me to remain balanced even when life is not unfolding as I might prefer. I have found it to be a powerful, adaptable tool to allow everyday living in grace and ease.

One of SWH’s great strengths lies in how it gives me the ability to manage whatever situation may occur, as opposed to dealing with life one situation at a time. Past and present can be understood and assimilated in a calm and nonjudgmental way. The future no longer is filled with uncertainty because SWH allows me to know I can feel comfortable with whatever the universe throws at me.

Change is inevitable. It is no longer disconcerting. I am learning to suspend judgment of myself and others and move without expectation in the world. There are no coincidences in life. Things are just as they need to be. I understand and accept this now. SWH’s self correcting knowledge allows even charged situations to carry less weight, and often actually signal positive significance in my world.

SWH is the ultimate level of self care which guides me to be my authentic self by embracing unconditional self acceptance and love, holding boundaries to allow myself freedom and space to be me, and consequently fostering a palpable love of others. Moving from the heart—living with less thinking and more feeling—is a centered, comfortable and healthy place to be.

I have come to be grateful for and trust in the unlimited power I already possess, to tap into it, and to use it daily to shine light into the world. The light I shine reflects back at me, affirming my positivity and bringing great abundance to me and those around me. As I continue to integrate this powerful way of moving in the world into my everyday life, I am experiencing greater health and contentment than ever before. People who have known me for a long time are acknowledging these dramatic and positive changes. What a blessing! I am grateful that SWH has become a central thread in the tapestry of my life. I encourage you to explore what it will bring to yours…

Ann; Gardener, Massage Therapist

"Seeing With Heart is a great personal journey…"

Seeing With Heart is a great personal journey!

It helps me to see that there's no point in regretting the actions from my past and how important it is to be true to my heart. The Seeing With Heart journey opened the door for me to live more fully… and be happy!

Thanks, Mitch.

Paul; Sales

An extremely sensitive experience…

Seeing With Heart has made a profound difference in my interaction with life. The experience with Mitch was extremely sensitive! Seeing With Heart was a personal journey allowing me to open my eyes and my heart in re-evaluating all aspects of my life (no matter how challenging) giving me the courage, strength and wisdom to deal in a calm, positive fashion without judgment or expectation. As my life evolves I use these lessons to create a loving and balanced existence.

Kathleen; Mother, Interior Designer

"I love my life…"

When I reflect back on myself before Seeing With Heart, I see an individual filled with feelings of hurt, anger and sadness covered up by a constant flow of artificial happiness and a need to shut the world out. Having not even completed the Seeing With Heart journey, I already see a major difference in the way I live life. I wake up every morning, touch my feet to the floor and smile. I smile because I know I’m going to enjoy every second of the day and all the days to come… I love my life. Seeing With Heart has changed my life and I look forward to it changing the lives of others.

Ben; High School Student


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